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I'm ok with that

I guess I've been relatively uninspired to write lately, even though there's been stuff to write about (including many-a-funny quotes, which have all escaped me now of course).

In the music arena, I got the shiny toy guns (STG) cd in the mail last week. It's quite fabulous and pretty much all I've been listening to. I finished an interview with STG's Jeremy Dawson a couple weeks ago, and finally got it online yesterday. I'm pretty pleased with it, for being the first interview I've done.

In the life arena, things are going. Barring some divine intervention, I should be graduating in December. I could graduate sooner since I only need 3 more classes, but they don't offer the classes I need during the summer. This chapter is overdue for completion in my life. August 1999 - December 2005. Hooray for the 5.5 year program! (Though in my defense, I should point out that I took two semesters off.) I'll be very glad to be done.

I'll also be glad when the questions - “so what are you doing after graduation?” - stop. Heh. I guess overall it's understandable, and not that annoying. It becomes annoying to me, I guess, because I don't think many people share my mindset. It's not about having a “career” for me, and I feel that's what's being asked about. Several people know, and several more don't, but my post-graduation plans include walking across America. “What??” See, exactly. That's how I thought you'd respond. I've wanted to do a cross-walk across America for years. It's not the type of thing most people want to hear in response to their questions, so typically I avoid it and give the general (and correct) answer that “it's on my tentative five year plan to be out west in California.” Other than that it's pretty much up in the air. I have a lot of dreams and interests particularly in the realms of youth ministry and music, but no, I don't have specific direction for them yet.

And I'm ok with that.

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gwyneth gwyneth
it's good that you are ok with it...
i don't need a career, per least not a high powered, money-oriented one...but i do want to find that thing that i want to do...and get paid enough to live on by doing it...
so in that sense i suppose i want a career. but i don't care if it's sort of haphazard and don't pay heaps. i really don't.

G to the Turtle G to the Turtle
i wanna walk across america...i'd rather drive but i'd walk if i have too...take me with you gRegor! TAKE ME WITH YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

gwyneth gwyneth
i relistened to the gee wyn mix. i really like track 5, and i googled the lyrics and found that it is a band called “vroom”...are they a local band? (to you, that is)

... ...
This was your comment on Ian's myspace blog:

Oct 27, 2004 12:31 PM

Welcome to MySpace ... bastard.

I don't know what I am, whitewashed tomb, maybe big fucking hypocrite, or maybe self-righteous, holier-than-thou asshole

Ron, there's a slight difference between jokingly calling someone a “bastard” (as was the case when I posted that comment to Ian 5 months ago), and calling someone a “fucking bastard” with utter hatred in their voice.

hypocrite? asshole? Take your pick, since honestly I couldn't care less what you think of me, and you're going to reach your desired conclusions anyway.

Don't comment on my website ever again.

Amy Lynn Amy Lynn
Ick. I hate questions. I didn't even think about the what are you going to do after graduations question. I always get the average “How's school going Amy? Are you making alot of friends? Do you like your classes?” Then I get compaired to their children because its always a parent who asks me these questions. It really makes me wish I was very gothic and unapproachable again. maybe I will just break out the black lipstick for family functions.
talk to you later hot stuff

stereoxgirl stereoxgirl
I hear you on the whole college thing. I started in 2000 and I'm a junior now. Although I did take a semester off...

And if you want to walk across America, then I think you should. :) Don't let anyone else stop you.

Oh, by the way...Hi. I'm Shaundra. You commented on my xanga forever and a day ago...

Take care,

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