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Good Friday

I suppose I should post (read: would like to post). Not much exciting going on to write about, though. Any suggestions, or questions for me?

I'm pretty much settled in our new apartment. Make that: townhouse. Yup, we added another roommate and upgraded to a townhouse, within the same apartment complex. I'm liking it there and things are going well except there was a notice left today that the neighbors have complained of “loud footsteps and loud music at all hours of the day.” Oops. I'm pretty sure it's not me, though. Actually I'm not sure who of us it is; maybe the neighbors just imagine things.

I was a slacker on Spring Break and put off an assignment which is now past due. Worse, I'm quite confused by it. The professor is quite lenient on due dates, so I'll probably still get a decent grade, but I have to meet with the TA first and figure out how on earth to do the assignment. I annoy myself sometimes.

I've rented the car now - and am working on the lodging - for the weekend trip to St Paul, Minnie-Soda for Obe 1's wedding on April 10th. I'm driving up there with Ron, a friend who now lives right here in town. It'll be fun to catch up with him as I haven't had a chance to really hang out with him since our Teen Mania days.

PS - You should AudioScrobble. I do. It's fun.

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EARhoria EARhoria
You commentwhore, here's yer damn comment!

p.s. my audioscrobbler is better than yours. It brings all the boys to the yard.

gwyneth gwyneth
hi. this is a comment. i don't know what to write about.

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