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So next week is Spring Break...

...suppose I should do something Spring-y. Or maybe break something springy? *boing boing crash*

I didn't really have any plans for it, which is pretty normal. I don't think I've ever done anything too interesting for Spring Break in my like, a 'finity years at scout camp — er, college. Then I realized today that Eisley is playing in Louisville next Thursday, so I might try to go to that. Otherwise I'll just be trying to pick up some extra hours at work, and probably working on redesigning my website.

The shows I went to last week were pretty good. Pravada was quite good for a local band. The Ditty Bops were very catchy and did one of the most awesome things I've seen: a guy had yelled out “Get off the stage!” near the end of one song. One of the ladies in the band (Abby, I believe) paused before their next song and politely asked, “Excuse me sir, what did you say?” and the guy repeated what he'd said, though not nearly as loud. She couldn't hear him, I'm sure, so she asked him again. This happened about 4 times, so by this point everyone was quiet and could hear what the guy had said and was listening to see what would happen. After Abby finally heard him, she quickly said. “Ok, this next song is for you.” and the song started out “Hey... you... little man... get outta my fryin' pan” It was great. Everyone in the audience was applauding and laughing.

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Sheryl Sheryl
Yay spring break!!! :-D

gwyneth gwyneth
you're not.
on the reception list, that is. sorry. you got something last summer!

gwyneth gwyneth
well, no, i know you're not. you're not a vw owner though...we're a different breed. no seriously. we are. didn't you read dara and jake's comments?

Brandon Brandon
Yo, you heading to Eisley in Chicago? We have tickets for sunday (in case of sell out and full guest list ;) ) will likely be heading up early to just enjoy chicago and maybe steal some time for some coffee with friends...

very very amazing album... I'm more impressed than I even thought I would be...

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