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The library

Our library here in Indianapolis is getting pretty sweet. It's awesome. It's *pause* incredible.

I just checked out the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection Volume I. They have all six or seven volumes available, too, so that should entertain me for a good while. Then I was randomly looking through their CDs while waiting to check out and found two Say Hi To Your Mom albums. I was surprised since I thought they were a bit obscure, particularly for an Indiana library. So I got those too. Good stuff; you should check them out.

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ron ron
are you talking about the main one downtown? I knew they had good stuff. They have mst3k, huh? pretty damn cool!

steve steve
youre *pause* incredible. have a great night. i mean, have a “great” night. and i “hope” its warm where you are. and “dont” enjoy it too much like me and “get” a sunburn on “accident”. its amazing though.

The Marion County library, Ron. It doesn't matter which branch since you can do inter-library loans. I put in hold requests and have them delivered to the Glendale branch where I pick them up.

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