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gwyneth gwyneth
oh're trying to neener neener neener me w/ your trip to MINNESOTA? the only reason i would EVER want to go there is because it is currently one of the 7 states i've never visited. rhode island offers ever so much more, including THE OCEAN.

however, i am glad that you will enjoy your trip.

james james
well have you a fun time up there in the northlands. and i will be checking this out now, since its like your xanga.

gwyneth gwyneth neener neener-ed me because you got to go to a state i've never been to, which you would not have known had i not disclosed it, however, you capitalized on this fact mere phrases after admitting you've never been to RI and therefore are perhaps missing why it is inherently superior to most states further west.
oh the irony.

marlo marlo
Hope you have fun. That's such a great picture!

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