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gRegorLove 4 Is Coming

Yup, well that's pretty obvious from the look of the site now. I don't really know when it's coming, but since I'm in the busiest part of the semester right now, probably not until at least May sometime. The (we)blog is the only thing that will be available in the meantime, but humor, writings, everyone's favorite wife application, and all that jazz along with some other nifty ideas I have in mind will return with...

dun dun dun


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shauna shauna
iii'mmmmmmm excited. :D

Alecia Alecia
hey i went to a jazz concer medeski, martin and wood very good. thanks for telling me about the eisley concert I will make sure i make that....i like there music a lot. well talk to you later.

marlo marlo
I so need to fill out that wife application. Soon. Promise.

marlo marlo
And I LOVE Plumb

Brandy Brandy
BTTR? Nazi sounds cooler

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