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Idiot Government at Work

Sorry for the redundancy with “idiot government”. In Washington state, apparently parents are too stupid to be able to teach their children about life; the House passed a bill “that would encourage public high schools to offer 'family-preservation' classes on building loving relationships, resolving conflicts, being responsible parents and managing money.” “The goal, supporters say, is to help students learn the value of strong, enduring relationships and reinforce the importance of families as the basic unit of society — lessons many teens may not be learning at home.”

source: 'Family Life' classes urged for schools

Oy vey.

One thing I found humorous is in this quote: “I often find students coming back saying, 'That was some of the most valuable things I ever learned,' she said.” Now I'm rusty on my grammar, but I found it ironic that a student said “That was some of the most valuable things...”, which I'm pretty sure is incorrect. I think it should be “Those were some of the most valuable things...” Maybe 'family life' shouldn't be such a priority in public schools, eh?

P.S. - What's the difference between the US government and the Mafia? One of them is organized.

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Rachel Rachel

That sort of makes me ill

Jeremy Jeremy
gregor. i have a potential favor to ask of you. i'm coming up to michigan to help matt leon move down to tulsa mid-june. it's a long drive. and a mid-way point (or so) would be nice. if you can, drop me a line on my Xanga or email me ( with your number and i'll give you a call with the details. peace out.

Rachel Rachel
Well, gregor dear, I would have been HAPPY to share my opinion the other night...but you didn't ask...


Besides, I was still in shock from the horror of it all. I don't think I could have verbalized how it made me feel...“Gregor Love...SUPERSTAR”

We had fun, though ;D

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