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Bloody baton...

I caught some bloody “baton” (British usage, not literal blood, ya weirdo). Five lucky winners get to keep it going! Or just drop it. Whatever.

Oh, before I proceed with that, I'm very excited that we're having Shiny Toy Guns play here in Indianapolis on June 17th. More info coming soon.

Total Volume of Music Files on My Computer

8.93 GB; 1759 songs

The Last CD I Bought

“Picaresque” by The Decemberists

Song Playing Right Now

“Tiny Vessels” by Death Cab For Cutie

Five Songs I Listen to A Lot, or Mean A Lot to Me

Five People to Whom I?m Passing the Baton

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Sheryl Sheryl
I saw this on Kyle's blog and when I saw the name of your post on Xanga, before I even clicked over to your blog, I just KNEW you would “pass” it to me.

Heh heh, see how lucky you are? ESSP Extra Sensory Shroom Perception. :-]

Monica a.k.a. monyikka Monica a.k.a. monyikka
since i can't give you “eprops” per say here's some affirmation. i don't know you, but you know people i know, and they're prooty prooty great. so yeah. woo hoo for you!


marlo marlo
I love that Jimmy Eat World song. [sigh]

The Spheric1 The Spheric1
Last I checked, I think I had like over 5600 mp3s just over stuff I like. For fun I figured that if you listened to it every waking hour of everyday, it would play for like a month before repeating a song. 8 )

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