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Tune in

Tune into The Free Zone (88.7FM for Indianapolisites) at midnight tonight and/or midnight tomorrow night, and you might hear Wolfy being played. Of course that depends on whether the guys had a chance to listen to the CD and liked it, but either way it's a cool show which plays some great independent, lesser-known music. Eat it, Clear Channel.

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chadrick chadrick
I dunno if Geeks will adopt Narnia as their own. I mean I can't see someone taking the time to create a centaur costume, or God forbid someone dressing like Aslan — but then again I did see a Jabba The Hutt costume at Star Wars. Guess time will tell.... I actually am excited about Narnia.

Laura Laura
aww. that is really sad!
that meaning the joke.
thanks though. it made me smile!

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