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1) The aforementioned Shiny Toy Guns concert, due to a mix-up with the agency (grr!) had to be moved back a day, which in effect meant I had to find a new venue. I finally did, so the show is back on for June 16th. Come if you're in the Indy area - please?

2) I got a 2nd job doing deliveries for Papa Johns. It was probably the easiest time I've ever had getting a job. Walked in Sunday, applied, the guy looked at it for 15 seconds, asked me basic questions (have a car? insurance?), then asked if I could start Monday at 4. So I did. It's been going pretty well, they're flexible and the people are nice.

3) This post is pretty boring. Sorry. I'm becoming a boring old man. *sigh*

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Laura Laura
my sister is going to become a pizza delivery boy , too!

gwyneth gwyneth
nooo...i don't WANT to be the crazy lady with the glass eye...that's just what would happen if i tried to make a town of all my friends. they'd all become friends with each other and cease liking me and i'd BECOME crazy.

just say NO to glass eyes.

The Spheric1 The Spheric1
I've got it on the calendar.

Vanessa Vanessa
What is your first job?

Ben Ben
Nice layout man. Hey the post wasn't boring. I actually understood it. You geeks keep playin gkeep away over my head! i.e. Sheryl and her geek problems. :) j/k Hey hope you have a good one.

Laura Laura
thanks for coming to my open house.
you should've jumped in.
i got pushed in.
it was fun. well. that's a lie i guess.

gwyneth gwyneth
it is actually greyish/pewter, red, and greenish...not so much goldie...
i will probably not get over it. i want to be a person who uses the internet, not is dependent upon it, therefore, because i'm not sure i'm the former right now given my location and life circumstances, i am rather averse to admitting this...

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