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I had a pretty nice extended weekend. Thursday morning I packed my bag and met Josh and Wolfy for our trek to Chicago to see Eisley. We arrived many hours early to meet up with Jenn and bask in the coolness that is Chicago. Thai noodles for dinner and Filter coffeeshop afterwards. Mmm. The show itself was good - not their best performance - but still enjoyable.

The lot of us spent the night at one of their friend's apartments and in the morning we continued northward to the land that is Wisconsin (rejected state motto: “eat cheese or die”), to spend the day/night with Wolfy's parents. All of us had been hankering for Giordanos on our way to Chicago, so we made sure to stop in Rockford and get some pizza goodness.

Strike that. Make that pizza greatness.

We got to Wolfy's place early afternoon and he gave us the tour. It's a pretty nice 5 acres of land they have - woodsy and a little bit hilly, growing their own apples, peaches, raspberries, and grapes. Wolfy cooked a really great dinner of grilled salmon (with peach salsa), peppers stuffed with mozzarella & feta cheese, and cous cous. Since they grow their own grapes and make wine, we had one of their white wines. I'm not really a wine fan but this was pretty good, maybe because it didn't have an overbearing alcohol taste. I might have to give some wines a second chance.

Wolfy and Josh were ecstatic about the piano stand Wolfy's dad had been finishing. It looks like an upright piano and folds up for easy transportation. It will look good at their live shows - classy. Heh heh.

Saturday morning we headed back to Indy, with a brief stop in Normal, IL to visit Jenn. When we got back I could have just driven home, but I was chilling at the Hedge's household for a bit, and Momma Hedges being one of those uber-nice-second-mother-figure-types was totally fine with me staying for dinner, so I did. Their place might become one of my favorite places pretty quickly. They're such an outgoing, funny, quirky family and Momma Hedges makes some great blueberry pie and peach cobbler.

“Botox” was the word of the weekend because Josh in one of his random moments said “Botox could be the answer to any question” or something like that. It kept coming up randomly throughout the weekend. Anyway, I digress.

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Laura Laura
botox, aye?

Vanessa Vanessa
I love your randomness!

Josh Josh
gRegor, Thanks for taking care of Chicago in my absence...

Sounds like REALLY good times!

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