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Well, I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it looks like I might have a new job.

In my field, even. Imagine that!

I just got back from my interview with a local web design firm, and the interview went very well I think. My specialty is PHP/MySQL and they could really use someone in that area. They currently do a lot of work with Java (the programming language...), which I have not worked in, but I'm sure I could pick it up pretty quickly since I know similar languages and adore coffee.

Pretty much the only downside is that it's a pretty significant pay cut from what I'm making at IUPUI currently. However, they are a young company and sales have been really good the past 6 months, so they expect to do more sales in the upcoming months than they did all of last year. In short, raises are likely within half a year, and they hope to be up to typical Indiana rates soon. Working there full time at this rate might actually be equivalent to what I'm making part time at IUPUI, so it might not be too bad.

The upsides pretty much outweigh the downsides though. For one, they usually start at 10am since the owner is not much of a morning person and would rather people come in when they're awake and can be productive. They also play ping pong at least once a day. Well, some weird made up combination of ping pong, racquetball, and volleyball, they said. It's a laid back place, obviously.

There are 2 positions and 4 people, so I guess I have a 50% shot, heh. They did say I was the most qualified person they have interviewed so far, and I think I'm one of the last ones; they said they'd probably be making their decision by this afternoon, so hopefully I'll have an update soon!

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Scott Scott
hay! i'm the first nut! awesome :) great to hear that gRegor.. good luck! ttyl man!

Sheryl Sheryl
Welcome to the pay cut club, of which Seren and I are currently members. I feel your pain. ;-) I'm sure you'll get the job... you're good. Congrats, and welcome also to the club of finally having a job in your field. :-)

Laura Laura
moby rocks my world off.

that job sounds AMAZING....
10 AM AND PING PONG!?!?!?!
what more could you want? honestly.
: ]

Laura Laura
oh yeah ,
and a cut above is a beauty college.

BurnDark BurnDark
Oh great gRegorlove, does your site have an RSS or Atom feed? I want to add it to my site aggregator so that I can get the best gRegor goodness as soon as possible.

Laura Laura
you should not pretend ot be knowlegeable in things you OBVIOUSLY know nothing about.
meaning= dont casll me white, boy.

g_wyn g_wyn
so...didju get the job?

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