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Well, no graduation in sight for December. It looks like not just one, but two of the classes I need to graduate are not offered this fall. One of them was offered last fall, so you'd think they'd offer it again this fall (but you'd be wrong).

I'm going to talk to my adviser tomorrow hopefully, though I doubt anything can be done. I need to talk to him anyway, to make sure I didn't goof up and forget to take some class like “The Philosophy of Underwater Basket Weaving” - you know, one of those oddball classes required for most degrees.

There are positives to this, though:

+ Guess I don't feel like such an apathetic loser for delaying registration for classes; wouldn't have mattered anyway. haha

+ I can take the intermediate guitar class now that I'll have two light final semesters.

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Sheryl Sheryl
Definitely talk to your advisor. If a class is required for a degree, it makes no sense that they wouldn't at least offer it once every year. Maybe they've replaced it with another class? That's what happened with at least one of mine. If not, there should be something else you can substitute.

Ronald Ronald
proving once again that procrastination aint all that bad.

Intermediate guitar, eh? I didn't know you had guitar skills. Sweet.

Vanessa Vanessa
I want to take guitar. I bet it would be such a fun class to take with you.

Brooke Brooke
intermediate guitar- RAD! what kind of guitar do you have. didn't know you played. thanks for the points. I'll be sure to add feminine wiles more often.


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