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Not all Christians are stupid

There's this new (well, to me) talk radio show I've been listening to called Free Talk Live. It started airing Saturday nights here in Indy. Here's an excerpt from the beginning of a recent episode. The hosts are Ian and Manwich (yes, you read that correctly), and they're reading an email from Seth titled “Not all Christians are stupid”:

- - -

Seth: I'd like to think of myself as an enlightened Christian because I think most just don't give this issue much thought. They see that drugs and prostitution would be legal and gays would be marrying and so it's just evil.

I think the problem that Christians have with liberty and libertarianism comes from a misunderstanding of the role of government. A government's role is not to mandate morality and enforce Christianity. It is to protect an individual and his property from others. The government should have no role in the issue of marriage, for example and who can or cannot be married. What needs to be made clear is that morality exists outside of the government's legislation. Legalizing drugs doesn't make drugs morally right or wrong.

Ian: And I have to say that is such a great point. The politicians don't seem to understand this, because whenever you bring up the idea of de-criminalizing marijuana - or some other “worse” drug - then the politicians shoot back, “well, we don't want to condone that behavior” --

Manwich: (interjecting) Well do they condone drinking a fifth of vodka?

Ian: — “that's sending a bad message to our kids.”

Manwich: In that case, the good message they're sending to kids is smoke a carton of cigarettes a week and drink 2 gallons of vodka.

Ian: Dose yourself on cough syrup while you're at it.

Manwich: And while you're at that, drink some liquid drano and wash it down with some bleach.

Ian: *sarcastic* Because it's legal, they must be endorsing it!

Manwich: Absolutely.

Seth: These moral facts are to be discovered on your own and, in my opinion, through God. If you're truly a Christian and you truly want people to come to Christ, then you have to let them get there freely.

Condemnation, accusation, and legislation have never brought anyone to heaven. In fact, nothing has pushed them further away. It's said that in the church, “they will know we're Christians by our love”. Well, legislating morality is not loving your neighbor. Live freely and lead by example.

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Katie Katie
Amen brother. Good post. Hope all is well in gregor land.

Laura Laura
I agree....sort of. I think you are saying that you think that drugs shoudl be legalized....? if not, im confused, and then just ignore whatever i say.
I agree with the end most def.
But I don't agree witht the fact that we should make stuff like drugs and whatev legal....just to give people a choice and hope that they choose the right thing.
Our government was founded on Christianity. Our country was founded on Christianity.
Not the 'oh Im american and know there's a god so I must be a christian' stuff. or the extreme of you cant eat certain things and listne to certain things and you can only wear wool and stuff liek that either, but The belief that God is in control and that God is the ultimate authority. You have to have rules and laws put in place to protect people from themselves.
making drugs legal does no one any good. I think it would make matters worse.
well. now that that tirade is over....

Obes Obes
Yes, I'm glad to finally join the ranks of male models... it can be a hard industry to crack, but someone has to do it... why not us?! :)

Thanks for the post you left.

jen jen
hmmm, food for thought....

The Spheric1 The Spheric1
Who says you have to protect people from themselves? To me that sounds close to communisism: “We (the government) know better than you how you should act and live, therefore we will tell you what to do” Just say no to big brother.


It wasn't the primary idea behind me posting this, but yes I do believe drugs should be legalized. The larger issue at hand is government and liberty.

The matter of whether America was founded on Christianity or not aside - there is little-to-no support of your statement that government should “protect people from themselves” by the founding fathers, and certainly no such language or mandate appears in the Constitution. It simply is not what our government was designed for (and for good reason).

Drugs being legalized would help a lot of people. There wouldn't be gang violence associated with drugs because there would be a free market that would keep the prices reasonable - people wouldn't have to steal and kill in order to get drugs. Prohibition causes crime, as exhibited clearly in the 1920s with alcohol.

We could also free up some jail space for people who deserve to be in there. The guy who was in his house smoking marijuana... there is no victim of his “crime”. The guy molesting kids... there is clearly a victim, and that person deserves to go to jail. Minimum sentencing laws for drug offenders can mean they can serve longer sentences than the sex offenders. It's ridiculous. Did you know America has the highest per capita percentage of it's population incarcerated? Largely because of victimless crimes such as smoking marijuana.

If we must protect people from themselves, do you think we should make alcohol, cigarettes, liquid drano, and bleach illegal as well?

Vanessa Vanessa
I largely agree with your above comments, Gregor. Alas, if illegal substances were legalized, gang violence would not cease altogether. I don't know that prohibition is a parallel example either considering the side-effects of most hard drugs would render users HARMFUL and/or INCAPICATED a majority of the time due to their highly addictive properties. I also think it is silly to say that just because harmful (if ingested) chemicals are legal why not drugs - tons of things are dangerous (even taking a shower can be fatal)...

I don't know. Just thought I'd give my two cents.

andrew andrew
i liked zee article, or e-0mail...or whatev

the guy who said this country was founded on christianity though...ssss...i don't know about that cowboy...

Miss M Miss M
Why is love so hard for some people??

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