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This past weekend I was in good ol' Texas for a reunion of Teen Mania's Honor Academy. I interned there back in August '97 for a year, and hadn't been back since '02. Honestly I didn't intend to necessarily go again, since so few people I know attend anymore. But Ron talked me into it, and I'm glad I went.

We rented a car for the trip and got bumped up a class for free since they were out of economy. We were stylin' in a Toyota Highlander (read: plenty of legroom) until about 40 miles outside of St. Louis. We had felt some vibrations, but figured it was just the road. We were wrong, and the vehicle informed us of that by having a tire blow out. It couldn't just go flat - oh no - it had to blow out. Ron and I, being the manly men we are, changed out the tire with ease and were on our way again.

Highlights of the weekend included (but were not limited to):

  • Seeing Obe.1, Mike Jr., Cora, and my dad and stepmom (they stay down there during the winter)
  • Eating at Mercados
  • Hanging out at Kevin Cool's coffeehouse (some of the best chai I've ever had)
  • Meeting new people
  • Challenging messages from Dave Hasz
  • Realizing that Xanga is such a cultural force that the director of the internship has one, and everyone applauds when he mentions it.
  • Great times of worship
  • Alumni teams beating the interns in football
  • The “Ron Luce is my homeboy” shirts that an alumni was selling.
  • Yes, of course I bought one. :]

My expectations were exceeded, honestly, and I'm really glad I went. I'll leave you with a picture of some really good-looking guys. Most are available, ladies. ;-]

* FIVER stands for Teen Mania's core values: Faith, Integrity, Vision, Excellence, Relationships.

In unrelated music news, check out this album. I'm really enjoying it.

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Laura Laura
well hey there. glad you had fun dawg.

j3k j3k
Maaaan... I wanted to go. And will be down there tonight. Just... didn't have enough time to leave early. Bah! So it's “FIVER” now, eh? When I was there it was FIRVE, and then it was FIRE V(as in 5)... I want to make my own now! I say it should be... FREVI. Or RIVFE. Or FEVRI. Or VIFRE. Or... uhm... maybe VREIF? I dunno. I'm still working on it. — j3k

Miss M Miss M
Sounds like good times. :)
And xanga is EVERYWHERE. We can't get away!

Jeremy Begay Jeremy Begay

Hey bud! It was great meeting you and hanging with you at HA Weekend. So I'm here in Phoenix and I'm hanging right now with Alex Weber. He say's his brother is one of your friends. Dude! Small world! Crazy... eh?!

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