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The Trinity Project

I've been a supporter of (#1 Christian porn site) for a while, and I'm more pleased than ever with what they're doing. They recently started The Trinity Project which quite simply is about putting your beliefs into action.

The name comes from Trinity James, a porn star they are working with. She wants to get out of the porn industry and the goal of the project is to provide a way. They're raising money to support her move back to Indiana and to help her get on her feet. The total amount needed was $14,400 and they received $12,000 within a week, already. Check out the link above for more information about the project. Michelle (her real name; she's abandoned the porn industry name) will also be keeping up to date on her weblog.

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Brooke Brooke
that's pretty rad about the Trinity Project.

as for your eye rolling comment, remember we are girls and girls like kiddos. would you have us any other way?
didn't so.
so shaddup.

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