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Too many interests?

The older I get the more interests it seems I get. I'm about to graduate in May with a Computer Science degree, but with my varied interests I could end up in any number of fields not involving my degree. When I began college I realized this to an extent, so it's not like I mind. It's kind of exciting. I feel like I'd be pretty content in whichever area, whether it's youth ministry, the music industry, or programming. Maybe it will end up being some other area I haven't discovered I enjoy yet, heh. I try to be content wherever God and life take me because, unlike a lot of people these days, “I am not my job” and I don't desire to be.

I mention this because as I was thinking through what I was going to write about (music), I realized how it has little to do with my current degree path. But like I said, that doesn't matter much - it's cool. Once I heard a comedian say “ college degrees are just receipts.” I pretty much agree, but that's another topic, and I want to get to the music right now. :]

I finally was able to book Eisley in Indianapolis. The date is Tuesday April 11th and I'm quite excited to see this happen. The guys in Wolfy are quite excited too since I'm having them open, and that's one of their life dreams. The show is going to be at the Harrison Center for the Arts in the sanctuary, which is quite a cool room.

On top of that, it looks like we might be putting together concerts more consistently, not just once or twice a year as in the past. The Harrison Center has another room called The Underground which is great for medium-sized, all-ages concerts, and they want to see it used more often for such events. Starting in April we're probably going to have a concert there the first Friday of each month with local and regional bands. I put the new version of the Frontline site up tonight, which has more information about the shows.

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Miss M Miss M
Graduation ... I'm so jealous. And I'm way to close to a 4 year degree to NOT be in school. Kudos to you ... now, I'm off to search for that application ...

Oh ... and the site looks fantastic ;)

>:| >:|
I would use the domain name if it wasn't going to go out of style in less than two years.

Also, congrats on graduating soon.

Andrew D. Johnstone Andrew D. Johnstone
good to know when Ryan and I go on tour, we might be able to get a show in Indy land.

Alan Gallivan Alan Gallivan
Gregor... First, your screen is off-centered, at least on my computer. It cuts off the first and part of the second letters each line I type.

Anyway, I regret that you have only now found out about my upcoming wedding. I meant for you to know sooner. You will certainly get an invitation, and I might get to ask for even more (usher-ship??) Well, I'll talk to you soon, hopefully.

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