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I forgot to mention this, but the previous post was just the right length, so I decided I'd just wait until today. I got another job doing web programming/design, and today was my first day. It's the place I interviewed at back in August, and I think things will work out pretty well there. It's part time (about 30 hours) but, unlike the last job, is not likely to only last a few months. They expect to bring me on full-time after I graduate.

I'd give you a link, but their site is currently being redesigned (yes, mildly humorous). They run which has some good potential, I think. I look forward to working on that since it combines two of my main interests, geekery and music.

Speaking of just the right length, my hair is getting rather long. Last time I had my mom purposefully just trim it in the back (it was gettin' cuh-razy back there), leaving most of the length on the sides. I'm kind of liking it, and considering growing it out more. What do you think, should I do the hippie look like Mark? (Not that he doesn't pull it off in a cool way.)

it's me

it's me

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riverbelle riverbelle
nice mullett dude!

The spheric1 The spheric1
lol. You've got a long way to go. 8 )
Congrats on the job though.

Chad Chad
Hey, like the new design. One suggestion though. The navigation would probably look better if it were moved above the ruled line that you have, above where your frame terminates. It's a bit distrating to see them overlapping text or pictures as you scroll through a post. Other than that, looks great. Nice clean design.

Ali Ali
I think I had my hair about that long once. I don't know how girls do it. It got really annoying after a while, especially in the Texas heat.

If you do work on indymusicscene, let me know if you need any coldfusion help.

Andrew D. Johnstone Andrew D. Johnstone

I cay say no more at this juncture

>:| >:|

Obe1 Obe1
My honest vote is to cut it... sorry.

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