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Spring Break

Perhaps I should resign myself to posting once a month? Heh. I'm keeping busy with work and school (in that order), but at least next week is Spring Break. I'm not going anywhere, I'll just be working. That will still be a welcomed change of pace. I guess it's already started, but I have a take-home midterm due Sunday night. After that is done I'll be able to breathe a little easier.

There you have it: short, sweet, and boring. I'm too tired to be clever or creative right now. I'll try to be more clever-y and creative-ish when I'm awaker. :]

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Laura Laura
um ok.
sounds good.

Ali Ali
The blog lives! Hope you have a good break. :)

Jeremiah Jeremiah
Hey gRegorLove, you kinda remind me of me reminding myself of StrongBad.

“Status with the ladies: They all still want me.”

Anywho, I just wanted to let you know that you're ubur cool 'cause you reign supreme on Laughing City, because you live where I live: Indianapolis, IN, <b>and</b> you strive to live for Christ in all you do.

Maybe if I go to IUPUI instead of the Art Institute of Indianapolis, we can have like, a chick-digging-us contest or somethin'.

Oh, and I wouldn't mind one of those fancy wife applications if you can spare the script please. I'll be looking for one in about a year or/and a half.

God bless,

Antonius Antonius
awesome! it would definitely be great to see you there.

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