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Daylight Sucking Time

The title pretty much says it. As a young kid living on the east coast, I had no problem with DST. When we moved to Indiana, I thought it quite odd that they didn't particpate, but got used to it after a while and realized that — hey, life goes on just fine without DST.

So some Indiana state congressmen – who apparently have nothing better to do – decided that after 36 years we were out of practice for changing our clocks. Now we get to do it twice a year like most of the rest of the country. Ah well.

Humorous event: since we had bad thunderstorms and tornado warnings here, we lost power on Sunday night and I ended up being late to work. I just walked into work and said “what? I said I wasn't going to observe DST.”

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Ali Ali
DST is sooo lame. And they're making it worse as of next year, I believe.

the spheric1 the spheric1
Lol. Yeah, I was pretty against DST until I finally read what the reasons were, and I mean the real reasons, not just, the whining, “We want to be like everyone else because everyone else is so stupid they can't figure out what time we're on.” lame excuse for a reason. 8 D

Laura Laura
what are the real reasons?

Mystery Blogger Mystery Blogger

Yeah, I'm familiar with the justifications for it. I find them to be pretty weak, at best.

And is amazing! :]

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