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Almost. I've had a few people ask me if I'm counting the days. Honestly, I'm not. I don't even know offhand the exact date/time of my finals, just that they're in the next week or two and will be done by May 6, so I guess that's 18 days max. Then commencement is on May 14th and it's over. I'm definitely looking forward to it, but wouldn't say I'm excited about it. I imagine it will be like a big sigh of relief – “now I can do something important.”

Yeah, I realize the value of education, but I'm tired of the system that I see swallowing up people. In my opinion, education is not important if your reason for obtaining it is just so you can have a better job. Important to achieving that goal – yes. Important in the grand scheme of things – no. (and I'm not criticizing the goal of a better job.)

I guess what I'm saying is that people and relationships are more important to me than a job and I don't want that to change. It will be nice to hopefully have a decent job, to pay off my debt as quickly as possible and maybe to support a family later on, but what that job is doesn't matter so much to me, as long as I don't let it squeeze the life out of me and swallow me whole.

I want to live life, not work it.

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his jeeviousness his jeeviousness
I've yet to go to college at all. I have nothing against the idea, were I to find some reason big enough to steer me there. I just... yeah, like you said. Life, to me, isn't about job opportunities and climbing ladders and all of that; it's friends and family(and yes, food, folks and fun, but no, definitely not McDonalds). Frankly, the people I know who are the most stressed out, the least happy and struggling the hardest to just barely make it... are the ones who are buried in tuition fees and the credit cards(which, I am convinced, is the grand college scheme; why are these companies that keep telling us that education is a necessity the same companies passing out credit cards like candy at these colleges? Smells funny to me...). If I were to go, I'd go only because the classes are interesting to me... not take on so many classes that they all blend together and I end up learning absolutely nothing. What good is that?

Okay, I forget what my point is. Heh heh. Rant over. — j3k

Ali Ali
I guess what I'm saying is that people and relationships are more important to me than a job and I don't want that to change.

Amen to that.

Ali Ali
I keep forgetting no html in your comments...

Yeah, one of these days I'll update that to accept some XHTML, but by default it doesn't. There is basic bbcode, though. I added a key for ya. :)

the spheric1 the spheric1
I'm not counting either... too busy for that.

Brooke Brooke
yeah - I think people get this grandiose idea of what college is and end up dissapointed. your education can be a factor, but you determine how far your go in life and how your live it. good thoughts.

RYC: I wasn't aware colors could be enemies. you learn something new everyday.

Allison Allison
So... I'm stalking your backlog. Shut it, I'm bored and you have a lot of stuff to read. I said shut it!

Anyway... this post = good. Very good.

I agree. On all of it. And I have yet to meet another person that feels that way about this stuff. So way to be cool like me.

The end. And happy new year.

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