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And you will know them by...

their horrible video games.

“Left Behind: Eternal Forces,” which debuts today at the expo, features plenty of biblical smiting, albeit with high-tech weaponry as players battle the forces of the Antichrist in a smoldering world approaching Armageddon.


The player's choices prompt intervention by angelic forces or unleash demons who feast on the faithful. As players progress through the increasingly difficult levels, they see Scripture passages presented as secret scrolls and hear inspirational music.

In multiplayer games, participants can choose to command the Antichrist's forces.


*blank stare*

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Ali Ali
Hoo boy. This should inspire an interesting Penny Arcade comic or two.

Elizabeth Elizabeth
...their keen ability to exploit the culture's obsession with violence by marketing a money making scheme that is centered around shoddy biblical interpretation? *hopeful, blinking, student-like eyes*
heh-I just now noticed that you answered your title in the first line. I simply jumped to the story. Heh.

gwyneth gwyneth
but i mean...where else can you choose to command the antichrist's forces?

Jon Jon
I am become death.

gwyneth gwyneth
thanks, yo.
and that is a different kind of bottled bread than we bought...we don't like that kind of bread.

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