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Amongst Celebrities

Tonight was another Frontline concert at the Harrison Center and it was great. My friend's new band Malea had their debut. I think they did quite well for their first show and have good potential to go somewhere. Give them a listen, and if you want to be really cool you can vote for them for them on the Zippo Hot Tour (the link's on their profile).

But that was nothing compared to being in the presence of a celebrity, Elliott (the singing kid). I didn't hear it myself, but was told that when he walked in past someone he said “Excuse me, I'm a rapper.” And a rapper he is indeed. One of the cutest kids, with madd skillz – and I don't mean Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

More later... it's tired and I'm late.

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Ali Ali
Holy crap, that Elliott kid.. pretty awesome.

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