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New pet?

Check out our new pet; it just showed up on our doorstep last night... can we keep it, mom?!

Holy... bat, batman! (4)

Holy... bat, batman! (2)

Holy... bat, batman! (3)

It wasn't moving at all, but didn't appear to be injured. I checked about an hour later and it was gone, probably out sucking blood for the evening. :-]

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brandy brandy
ew. oh my... its not a bat, is it??? wheres the wings?

brandy brandy
ew... did you pet it?

BurnDark BurnDark
That just seems right to me. The Den of Iniquity needs a mascot and a bat would be perfect.

Laura Laura
that is disgusting and I hate it
and now I'm gonna have nightmares.
never ever show me anything like that again.
or I will have to suck YOUR blood.

Ali Ali
That's awesome! You should put on your batman underoos and pose with it.

Shannon Shannon
what in the world is it?

Crystal Crystal
Awww, look how cute!!!! I'm with Ali, shoulda posed in the underoos man.

But he's cute!! Did he ever come back?

gwyneth gwyneth
oh gross gross gross.
we got a bat in the house once, and it was very much a reenactment of that scene in black sheep...only possibly with more screaming and less house-falling-down-the-hill.

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