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Cornerstone X

So this was my tenth year in a row at the Cornerstone Festival (dang, I'm getting old) and it probably goes without saying that I had a great time (why else would I keep going?). The weather this year was awesome, low 80s most of the time with a breeze and no rain. Typically the weather can be crazy and it's not uncommon for it to pour at least one day during the fest.

This year was odd in some respects. For one, I missed camping with Doug and Sheryl since they weren't able to come this year. Same for the Ohio crew that we usually camp with, or at least hang out with. There were several other friends who came with us for the first time though, including the Wolfy crew (“Wolfy. So hot right now. Wolfy.”). They played one of the generator stages on Wednesday, then the New Band Showcase on Thursday – got quite a good response and sold 50 CDs at Thursday's show.

Other musical highlights of the week included Mute Math, Cool Hand Luke, and those talented Iowans in General Sherman (musicians, unicyclists, and yo-yoers). They'll be playing in Indy on July 28th, by the way.

Next year it's June 25 - 30. You should consider coming.

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