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Do a little research...

Tip for news anchors: do a little research on the people you have live on the air, or else this might happen to you:

That's what you get for basing a segment on a popular YouTube video. I mean, on their web site in the press section is an article with the subheading “Neistat brothers are wild about pranks, off-the-wall videos”.

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Ali Ali
Did she say “that is not cool, dude”? Ha.. lame. She's pretty uptight.

Yeah, I do believe that's what she said.

llllllaura llllllaura
wow. that is curazy.
she reminds me of you gregorizzle.

Vanessa Vanessa
Those silly guys!

scott scott
i do not appreciate this video.. b/c i as well have a 4 year old nephew who “watches the show all the time”

if i really had a 4 year old nephew who watched the afternoon news/talk show/ whatever show, i would be very worried about that, not about this segment..heh

Chrissy Chrissy
Well embedded videos are a pain, they hog so much bandwidth and only a few would actually want to watch them. Ppl on a modem or with monthly quota quickly surf off elsewhere ;-)
I wonder if the Xanga team know of their validation failure... I suppose the way to find out is to ask them.
BTW that was a very usefull blog about RSS. I'm in the weird situation where I have to help some web design students learn how to create their own XML for RSS feeds, but I don't know anything about it at all :-O
Cheers :-)
BAlso, the first characters are missing on every line of this your web page in internet explorer... eh and I wish it would let me disable embedded video and sound... typical Micros*ft never think anything out cuz they are too busy hacking at the incantation of their crap :-(

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
Sorry to hear about the lack of pleasant conversation. I think I made her nervous or something. In fact I don't think I heard a single “your mom” comment for an entire hour. It really was amazing.

Next time try asking for a difficult haircut, mixed with talking with Emily and her client. Maybe that was the secret.

Vanessa Vanessa
OH my gosh! You should so move out here. There is a myriad of jobs in geekdom calling you - can't you hear them?

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