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Tuesday night I went to The Abbey Coffeehouse (everything has a Myspace profile these days) for the “Emergent Cohort” Meetup. Basically a group of Christians “figuring out how to live our faith in emerging church and culture.” Diverse group of people and interesting conversation. I mostly listened. Check it out if you're in Indy, or see if there is one near you.


I saw “Gridiron Gang” tonight at a sneak preview with some friends. It's a pretty good movie, based on the true story of a football team that was started at a juvenile detention facility in California. Many of them were gang members with multiple offenses, and as you can imagine it was difficult to convince high schools to play this team of convicts. It's an inspiring story of learning self-respect, overcoming bloody rivalries, and even dealing with emotional scars from fathers. I'd recommend seeing it, though maybe catch a matinee (few movies are worth $9+ these days...). Stay through the credits for documentary footage of the actual people the movie is based on.


Is coming. I love it. Even if it's rainy now, I don't care – the cool air feels great.


Until Friday. At which time I'd like to do something. Maybe bowling?


Really digging the new Snow Patrol album. Vast improvement for them.

And it's beginning to get to me

That I know more of the stars and sea

Than I do of what's in your head

— It's Beginning to Get To Me

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almyssi almyssi
i did answer the phone. and i was happy, confused and angry all at once.

of course its a male. who else can to do that someone besides a female.

almyssi almyssi
dont love fall, g. love summer.

youre probably conteracting my rpayers for no snow, arent you?


i did mention you three times. i think its because i never see you anymore, so i make up for it by writing about you? make sense?

im not sure when this ride is gonna take place. my weekend filled up way too fast. ill call last minute or something. maybe sunday night? im trying to get down to bville to see the fam sunday night, too. so who knows.

what does your weekend look like?

scott scott
hay man. give me a call, i'd be up for coming up to indy and hanging out friday night with some people.. ttyl man

myssi myssi
thanks for your comment...and i really liked the poem. who wrote it? is true, dishonesty seperates.....daaang.

hey, because u left so early on monday before the games began, you missed out on a ride in da beema. too bad.

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