gRegorLove little g big R


Jeremy Jeremy
Dude, I loved it!!!!!

Allison Allison
Something just for you...

Allison Allison
I know, but white and geeky just wouldn't fit the song.

Spam Bot Spam Bot
Because I keep forgeting that the 8th is a Sunday, and for all intents and purposes I have that day “off” and would love to come. And um... I um... going to tell/surprise you with my reply at Myssi's thing on Saturday. I/we needed something outstage the “drama queen.” :) (so seriously just kidding)

And I can't remember 7 plus 1 this early in the morning.

gwyneth gwyneth
i've tried to comment a couple times recently, and it didn't let me. but it's letting me this time. i think. anyway, the apocalypse pony thing was hilarious, and...thanks for the birthday wishes, and i can't remember your comments before that which i tried to respond to, just that i tried to respond to them.

myssi myssi
im not leaving college park, i just dont know if im going to go there this week. i like CP. its good.

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
Um... maybe what was her sign ?

...Myssi helped me out a post or 2 ago.

But more than me, maybe you should um... introduce yourself. You delicious delicious person you. With your huge claws.

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