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Freedom of speech suspended

How could I have forgotten?

As of today – for the next 60 days – political free speech will be suspended. Thanks to the Campaign Reform Act of 2002, it is now illegal to air an ad opposing (or even mentioning, I believe) a federal elected representative within 60 days of an election. This is one of the most un-American and unconstitutional laws in recent history and simply amounts to incumbent protection.

Reason Online points out that this prohibits genuine issue ads.

Wisconsin Right to Life, for instance, wants to run a radio ad encouraging listeners to contact the state's senators, Herb Kohl and Russell Feingold (both Democrats), and urge them to support passage of a stalled anti-abortion bill.


The ad supporting the bill cannot plausibly be viewed as an attempt to elect or defeat a candidate. Kohl voted for the bill, while Feingold, who voted against it, is not up for re-election this year. Wisconsin Right to Life has not endorsed Kohl or his Republican opponent. But because of the ad's timing, it is automatically counted as an “electioneering communication,” and Wisconsin Right to Life is barred from effectively lobbying for the bill when its efforts matter most.

and sums up:

It seems Americans now need permission to speak out on political issues and petition the government. I'd suggest a constitutional amendment protecting those rights, but I thought we already had one.

I could not have said it better myself. I would recommend you take just a few moments to look at the House votes and Senate votes on the bill. If your representatives voted for this monstrosity, you might send them your thoughts – and a copy of the Constitution.

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And here I thought that you never read mine! :-) I considered your request and turned rss back on.

btw - interesting article. I didn't realize that it spread into the non-profit/non-political aspect of commercials.

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