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Ok, so apparently nobody is very interested in the 30-day trial topic.

This should be a bit entertaining, at least:

Last night for a Halloween party I went as Myspace. Simple costume: use a Sharpie to make a t-shirt that says “Gregor is in your extended network” on the front and “Sorry! an unexpected error has occurred.” on the back. Then carry around labels for people to write comments on and stick them to me.

Myspace costume shirt front

Myspace costume shirt back

Of course, going as Myspace, it was only appropriate to take some “Myspace shots” in costume. You can see all of them on my flickr.

Absurd Myspace (costume) shot 1

Absurd Myspace (costume) shot 3

Comments that were left on me

Myspace costume after an evening of 'comments'

“gRegor, you're such a dork!” - Sheryl

“gRegor has the best Halloween costume ever!” - Lauren

“gRegor. So hot right now. gRegor.” - Ron

“Thanks for the add” - Shawn (complete with annoying flower and glitter)

“This is the coolest site I've ever seen!” - Sally

“Gregor it was a wonderful weekend!” - Bradford (aka Hugh Hefner)

“Why don't you return my calls anymore?” - Bradford again

“Gregor is a l33t h4x0R and teh coolest!1!” - Ian

“I'm with stupid” (with arrow pointing to my crotch) - Carrie (who I just met that night; nice gal!)

“Exit only” (with arrow pointing to my butt) - Carrie (“making nice” after her first comment)

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worth hundreds of sparrows worth hundreds of sparrows
i watched nightmare before christmas tonight. glad to see the costume was a hit!

Vanessa Vanessa
some of my co-workers and I are going as photos... so we are carrying around frames with “Find your graduating class” and “What year did you graduate?” written on them and dressing up from various decades. Oh wait - that's tomorrow! I'm totally not ready and have no time to get a costume... oh, bother.

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
Yes I do, it cuts down on fragment sentences, spelling errors and the like. I haven't had any problems with Firefox at home, and I use IE at work without any problems.

That is interesting. Maybe you have some setting turned on that I don't.

April April
Now THAT is a great Halloween costume.
You are just too cool.

Lauri Lauri
nice costume! also nice haircut, i love it! i watched wallace and gromit last night. it also has helena bonham carter. she's a little flaky. Did you know it took five years to make that movie?

mysterious mysterious
be selfish.
i dare you.

Mr. Rogers Mr. Rogers
that is my favorite costume of the year.

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