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Scene boy?

Um, sorry to disappoint the emo kids coming across my page via a Google Images search for the phrase “scene boy”. I'm not one. I'm certainly not the image you're clicking on either, nor have I ever* posted it on Xanga.

Apparently Google indexed the image along with the blogring links in the Shiny Toy Guns blogring - namely the “previous” link of the person who is in the blogring right after me. Ergo, the referring URL redirects to my profile. I'm still a bit confused why it was indexed in this manner, though. (?)

Below is the image in question, and this is the image search result that's bringing people my way (third result).

Thankfully not gRegorLove, ladies.
(2019 edit: Internet Archive of image)

This was deduced thanks to Xanga Anti-Stalker Module. Xanga Footprints cuts off the full referrer string, so it was pretty much useless for this instance.

Ergo is a fun word.

* until now, I guess.

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shauna shauna
i don't care. you're still emo.

Lindsay Dreher Lindsay Dreher
I kinda don't see your email on this site so I hope the one I sent you came through. if not, please email me at myfirstname@the[mylastname] k?

June Cleaver June Cleaver
I just don't care.

gwyneth gwyneth
jeeves' comment made me a little concerned, but...i'll probably still go by myself.

Miss Kwan Miss Kwan
Hello,are u the administrator of Xanga Anti-Stalker ???
plx answer me.

No. Try contacting them through their web site linked above.

Miss Kwan Miss Kwan
thank you!

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