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New Perspectives

I've been watching this video blog recently that's pretty clever and often hilarious, The Show with Ze Frank. Check out today's episode on “new perspectives”:

Also check out yesterday's one about Scrabble for a good laugh (warning: has some foul language). Then, if you have the time (about 20 minutes), I highly recommend watching his address to the TED Conference... it's quite fun.

Coming Soon
1) More photos
2) A slightly revised design of my site (v4.1). I'm really liking the changes and hopefully you will, too.
3) Something to put for #3 so this list looks just right. Ideas welcome.

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gwyneth gwyneth
i heard a song by imogen heap once. i liked it.

Brooke Brooke
are you tryin' ta staht a blog fight mistah? Bring it.

gwyneth gwyneth
it hasn't even been COLD here until the last couple days. it's ridiculous.

Jeremiah Jeremiah
He's hilarious!

Emily Emily
the scrabble one made me laugh. . cause i'm from a scrabble family. .

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