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Photo Weekend


The bonfire Saturday night. I think this looks really good full-size.

Kathy and me

Kathy and me.

The Cool Kids

Myssi, Laura, and me. Cool kids? Well... 2 out of 3.


Doug was excited to be burning stuff. Who wouldn't be?

Sunday I went to Brown County with Myssi, Laura, Jon, Eric, and David [reverse alphabetical order this time, kids. Chill out.] We ate lunch in town and proceeded to the state park, where we did the first thing you should always do after eating: ran around and played ultimate frisbee. It was fun, but after sitting down and catching my breath, I started to feel nauseous.

Crushing headache

Laura decided to add insult to... nausea, by crushing my head. It hurt. The nausea passed and I was ok, thankfully. The headache remained, though.

BeaTwin halves

The BeaTwins hijacked my camera (a few times) and had a self-picture accident. They were cut in half, as you can see.


We were able to sew them back together, though. They're still photogenic; you can hardly notice the scars.


Eric doesn't like his photograph being taken, so we take what we can get. He loves to take photographs, though.

On the trail

Some of the group walking around the lake. Eric took the lead and pointed out these things called “trees” to us. He's a smart guy.

Incredible Strength

These rocks almost crushed us on the trail, until the BeaTwins jumped in there and saved us with their incredible strength.


The lakeside.

David aka Bigfoot

This is David but... he's blurry and doesn't like his picture being taken, so I think that makes him Bigfoot, doesn't it?


Preparing for a swing race...


...somebody needed a push.

Laura and Eric

Laura and Eric (wow, he posed willingly)


David demonstrates how not to whittle a hot dog stick.


Myssi demonstrates how to whittle a hot dog stick. She does it professionally.

Laura and me

Laura: *skurred* Me: “What's your deal, Laura?”

Jon and me

Jon and me on self-timer, waiting for the self-timer on the other camera for the group shot.

More on my flickr.

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jack attack jack attack
those are pretty cool I guess.

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
Wow, I didn't realize how few pictures I was in. I'll have to remedy that next time.


Sugarshack Sugarshack
:) nice pics. Sorry I missed out. Thanks for the invite the same though.

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