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I hope I'm not alone in saying... I got chills when Optimus Prime transformed.

Sheryl Sheryl
Are you REALLY saying “oh baby, oh baby” about the TRANSFORMERS?

Jeevatron Maximus Jeevatron Maximus
What do I think about the trailer... what do I think... hmm. Interesting... and, I mean, it's a story that not even Michael Bay could screw up, hahah. In fact... I think - for better or for worse - this will be his masterpiece, heh heh. This is what he was born for: robot cars from space battling/chasing robot cars from space!
That said, I can't really say I'll be upset if it differs from the original storyline(since the original storyline was pretty much an afterthought to help sell some toys)... I refuse to join the nerds who are currently passing kidney stones because Opie has flames, or because he isn't a flat-nose rig, or because Bumblebee isn't a Volkswagen(VW refused to be a part of a violent movie).
So... as long as Bay does what he does best, I think it'll work just fine. Sign me up!

Also, new Oceans 13 and Fantastic Four trailers are up... O13... needs some work. Trailer seems to drag a little, and doesn't really tell you anything other than, “This time our scenery-chewer iiiissss... Al Pacino! Hoowah!!!”... but, amazingly, the FF2 trailer almost made me pee my pants! Hahah. Not really. But... I really really really want this one to not suck. I really hope they have - and, from everything I've seen, from the title to the Fantasticar pics to the trailer, I believe they have - learned from their mistakes, and made this one a love letter to all of the comic loving geeks. Heh.
Okay, I'll shut up now. — j3k

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