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What cell phone provider do you recommend and why? I'm looking to switch plans from Revol; not because they are bad, but I don't use a lot of minutes and for a comparable price I can have broader coverage with a normal plan.

After reading about this “Verizon math” incident, I might rule them out. Summary: a guy was quoted .002 cents per kilobyte of data transfer, but was charged .002 dollars per kilobyte. Multiple customer service representatives and even managers did not acknowledge or understand the pivotal difference there. They took the figures, multiplied them out, and instead of quoting the answer in the proper units (cents), they quoted it in dollars. But hey, it's only 70 cents versus 70 dollars. This is pretty sad, it's basic math. It's also darn funny. The phone call was recorded, so you can listen or read the transcript. More on the VerizonMath blog.

P.S. banana phone.

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Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
banana hammock?

Brooks Brooks
Can't help you with the cell choice - we had Cingular until we were forced to change to Alltel when we moved (its the ONLY one that works where we live.) Both are okay, but completely annoying at times. Nothing like the Verizon episode though - that was amusing. :-)

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
J.D. uses the phrase during “tense” situations to relieve the pressure or when he doesn't know what to say. i.e. someone comfronts him about something he doesn't want to talk about. He thinks in his mind “” and says “Banana Hammock” and walks away.

Corky Corky
I'd recommend Cingular, only for the physical coverage that both their maps and my trucker friends represent. Oh, how I pine for the days of AT&T Wireless.

Allison Allison
Banana phoooooooone.

Heck YES.

Who's the only one here who knows illegal ninja moves from the government?

Vanessa Vanessa
Cingular is what I have, but their customer service is not good and, in fact, sucks. I hear that some company (is it T Mobile?) has a deal where you can choose 10 numbers outside your network with which to have free M2M calls. That was the main reason I chose Cingular - because everyone that I talked to the most used Cingular or AT&T. Not always the best way to choose considering that people move and change services and then you are stuck with a someodd-year contract and 2 out of the 37 people you call regularly are in the same network. Wow - that is a really long sentence, and this is a long comment.

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