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Who gets to make your health care choices?

Fiscal conservative and small government proponent governor Mitch Daniels apparently wants to redistribute money from a demonized minority to a sympathized minority. I'm referring to the plan to raise cigarette taxes to fund health care for the uninsured poor. This might sound like a decent plan on its surface; helping out the uninsured poor is a noble thing to do. However, this is not a matter of human charity but rather of money being redistributed by government force. We can clothe government programs in noble-sounding language and portray it as charity, but the reality is that the money comes from taxes, which come from the people at the threat of force. This clearly does not qualify as “charity.”

If the average American wasn't forking over about half of his annual income (in taxes at all levels), then there would certainly be a lot more money for people to invest in their health care directly, as well as invest in (actual) charity for those who cannot afford it. On top of that, government intrusion notoriously costs more and is less efficient since every decision becomes political. We end up in the situation where, as Harry Browne said, “[government] breaks your legs, hands you a crutch, and says 'See, if it wasn't for government you wouldn't be able to walk.'”

Why don't we let people keep their money and get government out of health care? Then we can make our own choices instead of those with the most political influence.

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Crystal Crystal
Gregor, this is why it makes me happy that you're blogging for Intake. ;)

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
Now see I don't think you understand that everything is always better when you take from everyone and put it into a big pot so that everyone can have some. In the words of Al Gore, it's our “black box.” We're taking money from everyone and putting it into a black box so that we'll have it for later.

Also I would say that a “demonized” minority is less a minority and if not even, more of a “demonized” majority. At least judging by the amount of people coming through Starbucks I'd say 90% of Hoosiers smoke.

I do agree that taxes and the like are getting a little out of control. Only thing that will change my mind will be 50%+ of my $5K paid in taxes coming back to me in the form of an “Oops we didn't mean to take all that from you, sorry.” If that happens then I'll say taxes aren't that bad. Otherwise I'll have to find a “loophole” which might involve my foot and their @$$.

Ali Ali
Well, at least your tax hike is going somewhere good. Our cigarette taxes just went up $1. Who knows where that's going in Texas...

e.d. e.d.
agreed. very much agreed.

Old Yeller Old Yeller
Good article and blog, it is nice to see someone that understands what charity is. I also tend to be libertarian on most issues and was pleased too see one of the best of them running again for President as a Republican candidate.

“Well, HERE is that Candidate!
NOW IS THE TIME to join with me and support Congressman Ron Paul.
I've seen you at work. You can do this. WE can do this!
I Am Most Sincerely Yours in Freedom,
Aaron Russo
PS. Please be sure visit
and sign up as a volunteer to support this effort.”

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