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An Important Day

Wednesday March 7th, 2007 is going to be an important day for my mom and our family. She is having brain surgery to remove a tumor. Your thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated.

She is doing fine physically and has no symptoms. Thankfully, they found it while it's still pretty small. She had a CT scan for some recurring sinus problems and they saw something so ended up doing an MRI. Mom tells me it's not an uncommon surgery, though obviously it is brain surgery so there are risks. Mentally she's doing pretty well; she believes it's miraculous that they found it so early, and that God isn't done with her yet. Obviously she's still nervous about it, but has been handling it quite well; better than I did when I first heard.

Surgery will be in the morning, about 9AM EST, and will probably take most of the day. She should be in the hospital for 4 days, then recovering at home for 6 weeks. I will post updates.

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Ali Ali
My thoughts are with you and your family. Finding it early is always a good thing. I hope everything goes smoothly and her recovery is quick.

Brooks Brooks
I'm praying.

Jeremiah Jeremiah
I know exactly how you feel. I'm praying for her.

April April
I'll definitely keep you all in my prayers.

gwyneth gwyneth
whoah. that's pretty crazy! I'll say a prayer for her.

neB neB
will be praying. keep us posted eh?

Laurie Laurie
did this end up having anything to do with her sinus problems? anyway, i Ill be praying tomorrow. are you going to be at the hospital all day? where is the surgery being done?

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