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Aqua Teen Terrorist Force

Maybe I am rehashing what you have already heard, but the bureaucrats have once again narrowly saved us from certain (cartoon) terrorist doom.

There's this cartoon, called Aqua Teen Hunger Terrorist Force. In it is this character named Ignignokt. As part of an advertising campaign, some circuit boards with flashing LEDs (of this character) were placed around Boston (and 10 other American cities, apparently). Someone in Boston mistook them for a bomb and well, the city went into lockdown while the bureaucrats came in to save the day...

...only to find out what is pretty obvious by just looking at these things: they're basically Lite-Brites not bombs.

But police officials said they contained circuit boards with components “consistent with an improvised explosive device.” Oooh.

So far this story is pretty funny, except the two people responsible for placing them were charged with “placing a hoax device” along with disorderly conduct. If you do not see the problem with that sentence, please look up the word hoax.

On the bright side – and bringing much humor back into this – the two held a press conference after being released today, and they talked exclusively about hair. This is a must-watch press conference.

“That's not a hair question.”

Never forget

(image via laurenis)

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April April
Wow... that's just... wow...

Ali Ali
haha, that picture's great. this one cracks me up, too: http://img.viacomlocalnetwo...
and this one:

Allison Allison
So, today in Marketing class, we definitely talked about this, and thanks to you I knew a little something about it.

But basically the prof was ripping on those two and calling them idiots. And the moron... oh, excuse me, GIRL... in front of me looked up a pic on a laptop and was like, “OH MY GOSH, it DOES look like a bomb!”

Needless to say, I got to laugh a lot today in class.

And apparantly they are up on ebay. You should totally bid on one... haha

Jonny Boy Jonny Boy
I think the funnier thing is that Ignignokt in the picture is actually flipping people off. That's kinda his trade mark. Let me know if you want to borrow the 2nd and 3rd seasons. They are much better than the 1st one.


gwyneth gwyneth
nah, not georgia because i want a sans serif font. i am planning on going with optima. dunno what that will turn into on a PC, but...whatever.

the aesthetics of macs are superior in every. single. way. imaginable. and i care about aesthetics. and really...they are functional, too. like, the power cord/adaptor...designed so much better than any pc laptop i've ever seen/had.

Term Papers Term Papers
I think the funnier thing is that Ignignokt in the picture is actually flipping people off. That's kinda his trade mark.

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