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Checking in

Just checking in with a few things:

  • Yahoo has a cool new service called Pipes. I have barely begun to toy with it, but basically it allows you to take content from the web and mash it up in different ways. RSS and Atom feeds are an obvious use, but it's more powerful than that. For example, the front page of the NY Times passes through Content Analysis and uses the keywords to return photos at Flickr. This might sound uber geeky, but it has a nice interface and appears relatively easy to use.
  • I think Wal-Mart should hook up with Milton Bradley to make a Wal-Mart-branded version of Monopoly. Not because I hate Wal-Mart; quite the contrary, actually. They might as well have some fun with the haters.
  • Speaking of which, Penn & Teller are doing an episode of their show, Bulls *pause* hit!, all about Wal-Mart. Should be good.
  • I'm really glad it's Friday and I do not have much planned this weekend. Ah, relaxation. Hope your weekend is good.

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Jeremiah Jeremiah
Oo, toying with something Yahoo...

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