gRegorLove little g big R

I Found Love


It's a song, not a girl.

Well, there might be a girl singing in the song.

There's a possibility I had a crush on her some 17 years ago.

Perhaps I was reminded of her when I came across a YouTube video.

It's conceivable that I did some Googling to little avail . . .

. . . and added her to Wikipedia.

The Party - “I Found Love”

(she's the one wearing the hat, maybe)

Tiffini Hale on Wikipedia. If you see her, tell her to look me up. :)

Enjoy your VD, everyone. If you do not have a special someone to make memories with this day, maybe you could regale us with your (embarrassing?) reminiscence, too.

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Allison Allison
Ohhh my.

You would write a blog post about her. You WOULD.

Maybe I should get started writing about how awesome Ryan Gosling was back in 1997. Hmm...

Probably not. Because I'm not weird like some people.

Jeremiah Jeremiah
I saw the sign.

Sheryl Sheryl
This blog post was fine until the words “enjoy your VD”.

Kathy Kathy
Umm uh... I know it's a sign of the end of the world or something... I have to agree with Sheryl on this one... No one enjoys “VD”.

neB v2.0 neB v2.0
:) Awsome psot man. I remember a guy at work that came in ad said that people had been wishing him happy VD all day and he kept asking “how did they know?”

David Hunter David Hunter
I understand if you have family issues you need to attend to, but I hoped you'd be a welcome voice on INtake's blogosphere.

But it's been a couple of weeks and we've seen nothing from you.

Hope you've not become another one of those lost posters.


gwyneth gwyneth
i'm with fact, i can't even remember anything else you wrote about.

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