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Random late night fun, chat transcript:

jeremiah: You're a round what?

gregor: I'm a round “I'm sleeping” or so it should say.

jeremiah: heh

jeremiah: Alright, you keep telling yourself you're sleeping. *nods*

gregor: yep, this is just a bot gRegor programmed

jeremiah: That's freaking awesome. So that means you'll end up repeating yourself at some point or just not make sense at some point when I ask a question. Right?

gregor: Sure!

jeremiah: Awesome.

gregor: Why do you say that's Awesome?

jeremiah: And I love the delayed time between what I type and response time.

gregor: What do you think of delayed time?

jeremiah: Makes it almost seem like it's just someone else gRegor has threatened to IM bot for him.

gregor: Why do you say that?

jeremiah: I think daylight saving time sucks.

jeremiah: Ah, the classic “Why do you say that?”

gregor: Interesting. go on...

jeremiah: lol

gregor: haha

jeremiah: Apparently gRegor has had plenty of experience talking with IM bots.

gregor: Do you like experience talking with IM bots?

jeremiah: And it even shows that the “bot” is typing. Fantastic.

gregor: Why do you say that?

jeremiah: Because it's a fact. My IM shows when you're typing.

gregor: Sure!

jeremiah: Interesting. go on...

jeremiah: No no no. That was an “Interesting. go on...” response.

gregor: Interesting. go on...

jeremiah: The bot BACKSPACED!

jeremiah: lol

gregor: haha

jeremiah: Well then “bot.” Goodnight. I need to focus on this site and the phpbb fetch all for the site.

gregor: haha, you've been talking to a robot all this time, not gRegor! Now send it on to your friends at!

jeremiah: lol

gregor: FYI, gRegor may choose to blog this chat transcript.

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Jeremiah Jeremiah
So fun. *claps*

“Don't you belie---ve it.”

myssi myssi
bob barker is a robot.
i got his digits...i'll hook ya'll up.

april april
i always knew there was something a little different about you....

Allison Allison
Wait! What happens next? Does the hippo see them? Is the poor mute cebu successful in communicating the imminent danger to the other passengers? Is the boy injured? Why is the sad cebu sad? Is the canoe wood or aluminum?

Vanessa Vanessa
GREAT! That was amazing!

gwyneth gwyneth
ha...that's hilarious. also, i think of eddie, too. dress to kill is seriously the best ever.

gwyneth gwyneth
reading random archives.

gwyneth gwyneth
dude, my little site meter thingy tells me you're using ie7. that...that cannot be true. if it is...any respect i had for your geekitude has been greatly diminished.

gwyneth gwyneth
ok. i'll believe you. this time.

gwyneth gwyneth
firefox 2.0 does a body good. that's what it says.

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