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On government education

Apparently some people thought there might be an issue where teachers in Indiana do not cover the Holocaust – or cover it adequately enough. Therefore Indiana has some new legislation in the works, mandating it be taught as a part of high school US history classes.

My opinion – the short version – is that this is an unnecessary law.

The simplest way I can explain how I come to that opinion is that I favor ending government involvement in education. There are a variety of reasons for this, which the Alliance for the Separation of School & State explains well, but I will focus on the one that is most applicable to this topic.

Government education is antithetical to liberty.

Yes, I said it.

For starters we have the obvious nature of force involved. You will see this is the case if you stop sending your child to government school and do not jump through the hoops for acceptable private schooling – or stop paying the taxes that fund education. The government will come knocking on your door soon enough and make you comply. This government force is in opposition to liberty.

Beyond that, government will not undermine itself or its “vested interests.” Certain things will be taught and others most definitely will not. A class on the Holocaust would cover the atrocities that occurred, but it seems unlikely it would explain how government power was an enabler of the atrocities and how citizens should implicitly distrust government power. Blame will go to specific people or specific groups only, and nothing to the system. It is crucial for government to have citizens that are trusting and subservient; the inherent lesson throughout government schooling is that our government is to be trusted. Unquestioning trust of government is in opposition to liberty.

In a free market education system, the solution to a school not teaching adequately on a topic would be to send your child elsewhere. Since educators would need to compete, they would need to respond to the demand or risk going out of business. These market forces of the consumer's choices would regulate the system far more efficiently than laws made by those with the most political power.

There's a certain sad irony about this whole situation – using government dictate to ensure the past ills of government dictate are taught in schools.

This article was originally published on INtake Blogsquad.

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Chris Chris
Good point.

penis penis
i love it when i read peoples articles and i get really convinced. then i realize i don't know anything about the subject...but i'm angry. i want to riot. i think i will have a new career. the career will be..
“riot-er-er” (the other er is just for good measure). people will inspire me to be angry about issues i have no idea about. and i will get so angry i will riot.

hey gregor. how is indiana. greece bows in awe of it's....highway system.

Allison Allison
I just have one thing to say. OK, maybe two.

“Ya know, I think that whole Holocaust thing was completely uncalled for.”

“Oh yeah? Well, interrupting a Jewish girl while urinating is like saying the Holocaust never happened.”

You know me. I couldn't resist.

Sheryl Sheryl
I just wanted to answer the spam protection question.

Jeremiah Jeremiah
Excellent post.

I'm still waiting to spell “fire” “phyre.”

Kathy Kathy
Oh gRegor... you think *all* laws are unnecessary... and for the record, you are right.. imo :-)

And, I don't think I've ever told you how cool it is that you're doing the intake blog thing... You're a bright and interesting person with a lot to say (even though it be from a Libertarian and a Christian vantage point) and more people should get to hear/ read it.

Also, thanks again for passing along cool music. I blogged about the Mute Math video you did the recent bulletin on. I also referred to you as “the infamous gRegor” among other things in the blog post. (I'm looking forward to a witty comment on that one.)

Now I've gotta answer another stupid spam question. I don't know what the eff these ppl are talking about... these questions are crap... and I always get the lame ass math... I don't know what 1 plus 7 is... I haven't slept since Saturday.

Oh shit... I was kidding about not knowing that... then I placed my cursor in the box and realized I really don't know what 1 plus 7 is... So, if you ever see this comment it was due to either divine intervention or the use of a calculator.
Oh nvm... it's 9... er... 8... I've got it now.

zee g-deat: Beneeeeeeeeto zee g-deat: Beneeeeeeeeto
Hey man that was an awesome post! I was just thinking about a similar take on public education a couple days ago as I walked out of a highschool.

Anyway great reading. Now I must add your intake blog to my perusings. God bless.

oh and not I get the “phyre” joke.

shauna shauna
i was looking forward to AU.. until my second day of classes. it sucks so bad, and I wish i was back at waubonsee.

Bah !!
i guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

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