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WoW Update

Yesterday was my mom's surgery. I arrived at about 8:45am, in time to see her and talk a bit before they started. They took her in for surgery prep at 9:30am and started shortly before 11am. They told us it would probably be anywhere from 7 to 12 hours, so we had a long wait ahead of us. Thankfully we received a couple phone calls during the day to update us on the status, which was always “going well”.

At about 7:30pm they told us the surgery was finished and that it went really well – “about as well as we could have hoped”, said the doctor. She was in recovery for a while before they moved her to ICU, when we were able to see her. She was still sedated and quite groggy, but she was responding normally to questions; a good sign, obviously. I'm going in this evening to see her again. Thanks for everyone's thoughts, support, and prayers.

NB: WoW is MoM upside down, not the popular video game. MoM coined it years ago as she jokingly signed a card “Love, WoW.”

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Responses you can tell where I get my sense of humor from. hehe :)

April April
So glad things went well!

Fia Fia
>< ><

Fia Fia
Okay, that didn't work. Oh well. And by the way, 2+2 is not four.

Is it 'fia'? :]

The number 4 should work.

Jeremiah Jeremiah
Glad everything went well. I prayed for her and I shall continue to.

Wait a sec... You can't spell “fire” “phyre”?!

Ali Ali
good news! glad to hear it. :)

Allison Allison
You better have remembered the hug!!! (Or a pseudo-hug would've worked, too... haha)

Hmmm... what is 1 plus 7?

::counts on fingers::

Rho Rho
I'm so happy to hear everything went well. Be sure to give loads of hugs and I'll keep her in my thoughts.

Sheryl Sheryl
Echoing everyone else's sentiments.... glad it went well. Thanks for the updates. Tell your mom she's loved. <3 (Oh, and so are you. I guess.) ;)

vanessa vanessa
I am so very glad the surgery went well. Any more updates? She still in recovery?

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