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Ron Paul

It was not long after the 2000 election (in which I voted straight Republican, as had been typical) that my eyes were opened to the nature of our one-party political system; that by and large, the Republicans and Democrats offer nothing different, just varying shades of the same crap. Realizing that the principles of “personal liberty” and “fiscally conservative, small government” were just rhetoric to the Republican Party, I parted ways with my (blind) straight party voting. Principle – not Party – became paramount for my vote; honestly politics became more fun as I could step back and see the Republicrat game for what it is. I just have to laugh and shake my head sometimes when I see people sucked into it.

I tell you this so that you will understand it's surprising when I say I will be voting Republican for President in 2008. That is, if Ron Paul receives the Republican nomination.

“Ron who?”, you probably just asked.

Ron Paul is a Republican Congressman from Texas. Stick with me, this is not another Shrub. You see, Ron Paul is what's called a “Constitutionalist”, which means that he takes his oath to “uphold and defend the Constitution” seriously. His votes are cast based on what the Constitution permits, not what is politically expedient or even popular. Because of this and his regular votes against un-Constitutional legislation, he has received the nickname “Dr. No.”

When asked why he wants to be President, he said, “My main goal to run for President is the same goal I have for all my activities in politics; and that is always to shrink the size and scope of government and maximize individual liberty.” He has a strong record of 17 years to back this up. He has never voted to raise taxes or congressional pay. He has never voted for an unbalanced budget. He voted against the Orwellian-named “PATRIOT” Act and the Iraq War. He does not participate in the congressional pension program. Few – if any – congressman can make these claims.

badgeI have been following Ron Paul for several years now and am always struck with his principled positions. Whether you agree with his positions or not, I think you'll be impressed to hear a “politician” who articulates unique positions (for Washington, at least) clearly and without the typical vague, meaningless political style. Furthermore, it's evident that he believes you are the best person to run your life – not himself, the federal government, or bureaucrats.

Don't take my word for any of this, check him out yourself:

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willers32 willers32
OK, so I'll be the first nut.
I've known about the good doctor for about 20 years, ever since he ran on the LP ticket in 1988. I've even had the chance to meet him and had several long chats with him. He really is what he says he is. Meeting him in person he comes across as really humble. He's even said that he doesn't really want to be President, but if the people choose him he will serve and will “to the best” of his ability “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.”
I've always felt that when it comes to the job of president the one guy you DON'T want is the guy who actually WANTS the job. How demented does one have to be to want that job? Dr. Paul moves up a few points on my scale just because he admits he doesn't want the job.

monolithik monolithik
Wait... he IS still a politician... so there HAS to be a catch... right? Right???

You should see the show on Fuse, The Whitest Kids You Know, and watch for their school plays about European History.

Thanks for the comment, willers32. I agree, his humility and his reluctance to run are definite positives.

No catches that I know of, really. He's so principled his own party backed a Democrat over him, I believe in this last election (maybe the one before). Guess that happens when you don't toe the party line enough, they'll endorse someone else, even if it's another party.

joel joel
Gregor, thanks for the info. I will definitely be watching that debate tonight. Hopefully this Dr. No guy will help me rebuild my faith in politics a little bit.

DemocraticSycamore DemocraticSycamore
While I am WAY on the other side of the aisle on this one, I do appreciate the blog. Good job, Gregor!

Thanks man. You should check him out, because I don't even really think it's an “aisle” issue when it comes to him; he just wants Constitutionally-limited government. Obviously we can change the Constitution if we want, but we should at least remain within what we have or it's meaningless.

A good example is the short, simple bill he introduced that would declare a state of war with Iraq (since the Constitution says Congress declares war, not the President). He of course voted against his own bill, since he was opposed to begin with. He was scoffed at by both sides of course, and one Congressman even said the war declaration power was an anachronism(!) I guess they can rewrite it now by simply labeling parts of it as outdated.

Michael Michael
I wish more Republicans were like Ron Paul. *sigh*

Patrick Patrick
You know, I just don't care to learn about RSS feeds right now in my life, I barely keep up with the blogs I do read. Though I would have been missing out had I not read this post.

I am a disallusioned Republican, I stopped really rallying for my party once I realized that the only reason I vote Republican is because it is easier for me to overlook their corruption then the Democrats. Ah well, some day I'll be rich and famous and people will listen to me even though I have no qualification that say I should be listened to and respected for anything other then being able to make you laugh.

Anyway, I am now subscribed. So I'll read more often, but probably comment less, because I am an ass like that.

Benji Benji
:) I do believe you are becoming some of my favorite reading. Keep posting bro. I'm hoping to venture into zee blogosphere once in awhile now that some craziness from outside of my e-world has died down a little. peace.

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