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I'm still alive (and recovering well!), have some spare time, and would like to post, but I'm not really sure what to write about. So I'm accepting questions, comments, and concepts for my next post. Leave them in the comments and there's a good chance I'll address it in my next post.

Health update

I have been recovering well at my mom's house, getting more walking exercise daily. The only pain to speak of is sore shoulders/back, and my left chest is still sore from the surgery, but that's to be expected and is really not that bad. I have an appointment tomorrow (June 5th) with my doctor at which point I should find out when I can drive again, whether I'll need cardiovascular rehab, and other important things. If things go well, I will likely be back home by the end of this week.

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Brooks Brooks
I am SO glad to hear that you are getting better quickly! I have no clue as to what your next post should be about, but I do have a question that I am curious about - what exactly cardiovascular rehab? I get how you have to slowly progress in getting better physically, but how do you do rehab on a heart?

Looking forward to reading your updates... you're still in my prayers, too. ~Brooks

Vanessa Vanessa
What is cardiovascular rehab?

myssi myssi
i aint no gold digga, why you yellin stop it.
get your hands out my mother ****** pockets.

from the song “gold digga”.

he was gross. gave me a loooong hug @ the end. but it's over now and i will never sail for awhile.

so, write about gold digga's

Jonny Jonny
Hey if you need to do some cardiovascular rehab I suggest St. Francis South. A really good friend of mine (who also happens to be representing the physical therapy school during graduation, i.e. carrying their banner) is working there. He's a good guy.

p.s. I still can't do math (or spell correctly)

Allison Allison
Some topic ideas:

1. The smash 1975 hit song “Lowrider” by War
2. Why you're more like Eric than Hyde, with the counterpoints of why I disagree (Including the opposing viewpoint is a good way to strengthen your argument, of course (and a good way to avoid the wrath of Allison (It runs on WATER, man!)))
3. A comparative analysis of the 70s vs the 80s
4. Johnny Depp (be sure to include how he's NOT hot and people are crazy for thinking otherwise)
5. Why DO friends listen to “Endless Love” in the dark? Why don't they listen to “Friends” by Michael W. Smith? Wouldn't that be more appropriate?
6. Completely detail a day in the life of GregorLove. A minute-by-minute play-by-play. And... go.
7. Define and explain your new favorite word that I taught you. And use it in a sentence. (Think of Zooey.)
8. Make up a short fictional story about plastic lawn flamingos that get tired of Florida's warm weather and try to migrate to Indiana for the winter. INCLUDE SOURCES. And NOT wikipedia. You know better!
9. Research and tell about what happened to Jenna Fischer (Pam on The Office) recently that caused her to break her back in 4 places. (Mainly because I want to know but I'm too lazy to do the research.)
10. Talk about how awesome I am. Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

Shawn Shawn
Listen to the song “Mercy Street” by Peter Gabriel. Explain what you think it means, or what it means to you.

BurnDark BurnDark
Tell us why you are so popular with the ladies!

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