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The power of large groups of people...

...doing silly things. I saw this video from Improv Everywhere and it made my day. 826 people came together, pressed play on an mp3 at the same time, and had a blast following the instructions together. Watch:

Part I

Part II

I also just watched Sweet Land and found it to be an amazing movie. It's a nice, believable love story (read: not a “romantic comedy”, or even “chick flick”) about a German woman immigrating to rural Minnesota in the 1920s. It ranges from humorous, to adorable, to saddening (e.g. seeing some of the prejudices expressed by the characters) and altogether makes for a captivating story, I think. I highly recommend renting it, or I'll probably end up getting a copy soon and you can just borrow mine.

“Let us hope that we are all preceded in this world by a love story.”

– Don Snyder, Of Time and Memory

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Fia Fia
So, I think that I witnessed one of these events last summer when I was in NYC. Here is an expert from my <a href="“>post </a>about it:

”On my way out of the park, I heard some people cheering. So I thought I would check it out. I am still not completely sure what was going on, but there were two guys in costumes: one was a sun, the other a snowflake. Everyone in the audience had headphones on and they were listening to something. Then they started a huge Conga line. I left shortly after that."

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