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Weekly Goals 1

There was a period last year when I was keeping track of weekly goals and how well I was doing in my written journal. It worked quite well, at least when I wrote in my journal regularly. One of the first goals was to write in it every day for 30 days, so that made it easy. After that time though, my writing tapered off.

I was reminded of this idea when listening to a podcast and the hosts were talking about their weekly goals. It struck me that most goals are just about getting things done and aren't too personal, so why not blog them instead of journaling? I'm certainly more likely to keep up with it this way, and maybe it'd be interesting/inspiring to some of you.

Ok, probably not, but I'm still blogging them. :-]

  • Call Azura to get extra parts so I can finish putting my new bed together
  • Sort through clothes, take stuff I never wear to Goodwill
  • Clean up my desk and work area
  • Exercise at least 3 days
  • Make appointment with dentist
  • Make appointment with neurologist
  • Backup databases
  • Upgrade Nucleus CMS software
  • Take photos off my camera and write the Cincinnati Ron Paul post I meant to weeks ago

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Zee G-deat Bennnnneato Zee G-deat Bennnnneato
hey thanks for the comment. and good luck with dem goals. especially the working out one. that one is one I should try too.

Term Papers Term Papers
Good luck buddy. Your blog is rise n shine. How funny you are? are you a celebrity type of person. Hope to see new pictures of yours soon.

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