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Backward and Forward

2007 will definitely be one of the most notable years in my life.

On March 7 my mom had surgery to remove a brain tumor. It was caught semi-randomly when she got a CT scan for some sinus problems and thankfully it was early enough that there were no complications. She's doing fine.

On May 12 a virus hit my heart and caused it to start fibrillating. I passed out and had seizure-like symptoms. I was with friends who quickly called 911 and the EMTs arrived to resuscitate me. Things were not looking good for a few days as I was in a coma, running a high fever, and they were unsure what my state would be if I came out of the coma. Thankfully, I did come out of the coma and recovered quite well, with only a tiny bit of memory loss of the actual incident. I was in the hospital 2 weeks and left with a pacemaker, making me a part of the “Under 30 With A Pacemaker Club.”

Between those 2 things, my family has had quite enough, medically, this year. I learned the power of love, friendship, community, prayer, and positive thinking.

I blogged for the INtake Blogsquad, then they changed their site into a social network so the Blogsquad was dismantled. It was an enjoyable experience, though, and an outlet for some of my political thoughts.

Speaking of blogging, I received some “blog homework assignments” about my political and spiritual beliefs; didn't get them finished, but I haven't forgotten them.

I learned how to really achieve my childhood dreams.

I visited California again and as a result of inspiration and an ongoing desire to try living in California, made it a personal goal to move to California by the end of 2008. Most likely SoCal, but there are parties vying to get me to NorCal.

I am not really one for New Year resolutions, but I find these words inspiring and great every day resolutions.

Yes, certain parties, I see the irony in the “live in Northern California once” part. Maybe it's a sign. :)

Enjoy life in 2008.

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Sheryl Sheryl
Good advice. It's been a while since I listened to this song.

It has been a wild year indeed.

Vanessa Vanessa
Cheers! Happy New Year, Gregor!

Tim Tim
You should visit NorCal at least once before you make your decision. It really is nice here. You get your good weather without having to get rid of your fashionable jacket. :)

Just let us know when you'd like to come visit. There's a free lunch at my workplace in it too. Not that I would resort to bribery to get people to move out here. Oh no. Never.

Joy Joy
I'm part of the “go north” voice. My parents met, fell in love, and married there. The hippies are funnier there, too.

Joy Joy
How many wife applications do you get in a week, on average?

Emily Emily
Nice to hear from you...

Speak up more often...

carl kevinson carl kevinson
if you go to cali, i'm coming with you.

Jeremiah Ragsdale Jeremiah Ragsdale
I don't use hairspray. I use gel.

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