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How to make a sharp dressed man

In 13 steps (give or take):

For the optimal experience, open and listen to Sharp Dressed Man while reading.

1) Take one smelly guy.


2) Dunk guy in water repeatedly until clean. Dry.


Some may resist this procedure.

3) Apply clean, ironed slacks.


4) Apply clean white t-shirt.


5) Apply clean, ironed long-sleeve button-up shirt.


6) Button up the shirt.


7) Now button it up correctly, lining up all the buttons with the right holes. Try working top down.


8) Put on tie.


9) Nice try. Now tie it.


10) Around your neck.


If you're in mild discomfort, but still able to barely breathe, you're doing it right. This is what ties were created for.

11) Put on belt.


While holding your hands at your side in a superhero pose.

12) Apply socks and shoes. Note: not white socks and tennis shoes.


Use black socks, with diamond patterns. Ladies love diamonds.

13) Comb hair, apply suit jacket, and look good.


Voilà, you have a sharp dressed man.

and every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

There's 8 “bonus” pictures on my Flickr starting here, along with some other notes about the set.

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IndyChristian IndyChristian
Meet this sharp-dressed guy at — coming Feb. 09, 2008.

Who knows what 'presentation' he might do that day, huh?

Suzi Suzi
Great look & nice hair! I'll bet you had the ladies in a frenzy (but what else is new) :-)

Sheryl Sheryl
Very nice! You look super hott! Love the tie. :-)

Ali Ali
and know i finally know how :D

Allison Allison
how are we looking? OOO-KAY! I mean, SOOO GOOD!

Isha Isha
ohhhh la la


Laurie Laurie
I think you look adorable in the very first one before you got sharp dressed. :)

Vanessa Vanessa
How cute are you!

Joy Joy
The diamonds are argyle, yes?

What of how to tie the tie-knot?

Marlo Marlo
“Ladies love diamonds.” Classic.

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