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Orange you having fun?

A few pictures from my visit to la-la land, courtesy of Elizabeth. These were taken in Orange, CA (get the title? hah :). Matt was walking around us and randomly taking pictures like a paparazzi, and then we had this “photo shoot”. In the middle of the mall. There will be more once Matt uploads his photos.


I guess only one of us was really ready for this, but it's still fun. That's Matt and Elizabeth. Possible album cover?


Matt animates things and drors things. He was taking pictures from different angles, ergo sitting on the ground. We had just bought candy and it was about this time that I think he said “I squished my jelly bellies” or “I sat on my jelly bellies”, which was quite humorous.


This is pretty awesome, for reasons I don't fully know. I think I said “Stop taking pictures of my bald spot” and he said “which one?”


Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Matt with a camera!


When I saw this, my caption comment was “What is that strange Matt person doing?” because, well, she had said things along those lines that day. But Elizabeth assures me that she was giving me this look. Huh, well that's a first.

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Suzi Suzi
Yay, Orange, CA - that's where I'll be going for my
Six Sigma Black Belt training next year - a week at a time, four months in a row (March, April, May & June)! You'll have to tell me what's good to see & do out there.

 still smells as sweet still smells as sweet
that looks fun. I hope to get out there again someday.

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